Ausnet Industries

Agriculture & Environment
  • Today, almost all responsible companies are dedicated to improving the compatibility of their operations with the environment while economically developing resources and supplying high quality products and services to consumers.

    In agriculture especially, growing of  product without pests enhances Australia's reputation as a globlly pristine and sustainable source.

    Ausnet's range of products and services include solutions relating to:

    • Bird Nets (custom-made and pre-packed)
      • To stop birds from attacking vines, fruit or other products
      • To prevent birds from nesting in buildings or structures

    QE Brand Bird Netting From Ausnet Industries - High quality black polyethylene netting offering high UV resistance for extended crop protection.

    • Twisted/ knotted netting
    • 6 ply x 16mm square mesh
    • Strong, durable & lightweight at 54 grams per m2
    • Bundles 10m wide x 100m long
    • Order by the lineal metre or by the bundle.

    We are also able to offer:

    • Design and installation of new structures
    • Structure repairs and maintenance
    • Bird net replacement
    • Specialist fixings including UV treated Nylon Wire, Nylon Snap Locks, Post Caps as well as 1.8m Screw Anchors.
  • The Water Corporation commissioned research into fly populations and from this research, issued a tender for the design and build of Bio-Solid facilities. Ausnet Industries won the tender and in conjunction with the architects, engineers and the Water Corporation built 2 facilities located in Moora, Western Australia.

    Moora ShedAll EWP's that were shipped to remote locations required a safety provision for the edge of the personnel basket to prevent tools or objects from falling and potentially injuring workers.

    The designs were particularly challenging as they needed to ensure that no flies could enter the facility during loading and maintenance as well as during standard operating procedures. Through Ausnet's experience with other projects around Australia, it provided valuable input with the end result being a better and more efficient solution.

    Ausnet combined the skills of its various departments including fabrication, textiles and experienced installation teams to provide all materials, pre-fabricate these in our main factory and install on site. The end result? Two facilities that exceeded the expectations of all those involved in the project and provided the Water Corporation the ability to experiment with these structures in order to assess the potential for further structures into the future.

  • Animal Control Nets

    Animal and pest control is another ongoing challenge in the commercial world where keeping animals out is as important as keeping them in. Ausnet specialises in customised designs and solutions for:

    • Keeping animals out of harmful environments
    • Zoos, tourism applications, research centres, etc
    • Pest control

    Animal control nets are fast becoming a necessity for many different reasons. Farmers may need them to protect their crops; companies may need them to protect their assets or schools may need them to protect their students. Netting can be your insurance against a wide range of pests including birds, rats, foxes and other animals, for all types of applications in all areas.

    We use strong, knotted and UV treated netting to work best in every situation. Combine this with high quality fittings and installations and you have a perfect animal exclusion system. We can design and install a system that will work for you, from permanent covers to temporary installations.

    Contact us now to see how we can help increase your yields or make safe your environment through predator prevention.

    Litter Control Nets

    Landfill areas are commonplace and with windy locations, can present a potentially environmental issue.

    Through the use of Ausnet designed portable posts and netting, any landfill area can be protected from high winds and be used to prevent rubbish and debris from being distributed throughout the environment.

    High quality portable and galvanised post structures, combined with high strength and UV treated polyethylene netting, provides a total solution to this increasing problem.

    Completely modular, these systems can be deployed for short term solution or long term prevention. Post structures can be custom designed to suit netting dimensions and can be supplied with appropriate cable and anchoring systems.