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Industry & Safety
  • Safety Nets for Industries in Perth

    Ausnet specialises in providing complete solutions for your inventory, operations or for the safety of your personnel.

    With a large range of standard products, combined with a unique ability to custom design and manufacture to suit your specific location and issue, Ausnet can provide a total solution to almost any industrial requirement.

    Partner this wide range of netting and attachments with the ability to fabricate all manner of products in steel, aluminium and stainless steel and you have one company that can give you a total and systemized solution to almost any application, any problem and in any location.

    Ausnet can offer:

    • High quality netting in various raw materials to suit each specific application - strong, lightweight, UV treated, anti-static, recyclable
    • Fully stitched borders around perimeter providing greater strength
    • Heavy duty attachments to provide greater security
    • Custom Made to suit any installation (some standard sizes available)
    • Kit form available for self installation
    • Hardware components in galvanised or stainless steel to protect against harsh weather conditions.
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Lightweight and easy to move
    • Certificates for safety, load rating, strength etc are available where applicable
    • Conforming to British and EU standards where applicable

    Netting is a unique material to work with in industrial and safety applications. It will not rot, rust or dent - if damaged, it can be easily repaired or replaced. It is the perfect solution to a myriad of common problems and situations

  • Ausnet Industries were approached by one of our regular suppliers of Elevated Work Platforms (EWP's) to provide a solution for mine site deployment.

    EWP NetAll EWP's that were shipped to remote locations required a safety provision for the edge of the personnel basket to prevent tools or objects from falling and potentially injuring workers.

    Ausnet visited the distribution centre for initial discussions and design brief and then set about designing a netting solution to suit the problem. HDPE netting was chosen for its combination of strength, lightweight, UV protection in harsh conditions, its ability to be cleaned easily and ease of repair. HDPE border ropes were hand stitched to provide the greatest level of strength and security and special nylon clips and zip ties used to install these.

    The result is a modular, versatile and simple product that can be retrofitted to any EWP at any location. It can be stored effectively when not in use and can be repaired in the event of damage or breakages.

  • Pallet Rack Nets

    Safety netting for the front and back of racks makes sense. They can help keep your facility safe, products secure and workplace neat.

    Netting systems can be custom made to fit any rack size and, with our range of brackets and extensions, any situation.

    They are versatile, strong and built to last - both indoors and outdoors.

    Rack nets have many advantages and features. They can:

    • Help to protect people from being hit by falling objects
    • Help keep stock and product more secure
    • Remain open to allow visibility of product, flow of light and penetration of sprinkler water systems in case of fire


    • High Tenacity PP netting in various mesh sizes to suit various small and large items
    • Fully stitched borders around perimeter providing greater strength
    • Heavy duty attachments to provide greater security
    • All sizes for all racks for greater flexibility
    • Custom Made to suit special applications
    • Kit form available for self installation
    • Mounting kits for oversize pallets
    • Extension brackets to suit all rack brands
    • All hardware components in galvanised steel to protect against water damage
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Lightweight and easy to move
    • Will not rot, rust or dent - if damage they can be easily repaired or replaced

    Safety Nets

    Ausnet can supply and manufacture the most comprehensive range of safety nets, under the EN standard 1263. These types of nets include:

    • System V (gantry style nets)
    • System S (horizontal nets)
    • System U (edge protection nets)
    • System T (edge protrusion nets)

    These safety nets are made from high tenacity polypropylene and can be certified where applicable.

    In addition to providing the best certified safety nets, we can also supply the best ropes for binding and to effect proper installation.

    It's the best way to protect people falling from height and thus preventing accidents at work.

    Apart from the safety net of EN standard 1263, we can also manufacture safety nets for other applications including:

    • Underfoot Nets (to place within the struts of the formwork)
    • Vertical closing nets (used for encasing exposed decks or work areas)
    • Nets for stairs (to place in stairwells)
    • Nets for elevator shafts
    • Facade Nets (to encapsulate buildings under construction)
    • Suspension Nets (for personnel to walk on them)

    Knotless nets are easy to install, have high grid stability and are available in a wide variety of colours.

    There is always a solution for every need of protection or security.

    Conveyor Netting

    In many modern manufacturing plants, moving components from one place to another can include conveyors or other automated assemblies. In these instances, netting can provide a flexible and safe solution.

    They can be designed to:

    • Fully encapsulate conveyors
    • Provide protection to certain areas of the automated movement system
    • Protect workers below from being struck by falling objects
    • Save products or components from damage.

    Vehicle Nets

    Typically used to contain materials within vehicles for safety or function, these nets can be made to suit various locations for various vehicles. We can manufacture (and install if preferred) nets to keep goods in ute trays, truck beds, SUV cargo areas, roof racking systems etc.

    Strong and lightweight, easy to stow, quick to deploy, complete with integrated clips and fastening. The perfect and versatile solution to effective cargo control.

    Skip Bin Nets

    It is a requirement that all skip bins be covered to prevent debris from escaping and littering the environment. Netting can be an effective means for covering all sorts of loads. Combine this with an integrated dust cover and you have the perfect solution to rubbish control.

    Skip nets can be manufactured including ropes, tie down straps, clips or other attachments that you may require to suit your system.

    Barrier and Divider Nets

    Netting can be used for a wide variety of general applications. The division of work areas using netting means that light can pass through but still retain visibility and safety control. They can be used to protect elevated work areas and prevent personnel and objects from falling or moving.

    Netting can be designed and installed to be fixed, sliding, elevating or DIY.

    They can also be supplied in different colours to effectively delineate work areas for easy identification. Easy to use, quick to deploy and simple to operate.

    Lifting Nets

    Movement of products and/or equipment sometimes requires the use of cranes or helicopters. In these instances, lifting nets are the perfect solution.

    Nets can be supplied with various lifting points including rings, shackles or other attachment devices. They can be made to almost any size to carry almost any load and can be supplied with certificates if required and applicable.

    Ausnet Lifting Nets feature:

    • Manufactured from High Quality Netting or webbing
    • Available in Custom Made sizes to suit your application

    Stock range includes:

    • 3 metres x 3 metres
    • 5 metres x 5 metres
    • 10 metres x 10 metres

    Ausnet also stocks a range of colour coded slings to assist with your lifting applications

    Tensioned Platform Netting

    Netting can be an effective working platform used to accomplish a wide range of activities. Stable enough to complete any task or used as a secondary platform to launch into the primary objective. It is a safe and flexible working base that can be used to undertake a wide variety of tasks in an even greater variety of locations.

    Platform nets are custom designed to suit each objective and application. Alternatively, we can provide a base net that can be used and adapted to a variety of locations and situations.

    They can be adapted with barrier mesh, fire retardant screens any any other item you may require.

    This type of net not only protects the worker who is working above or on the net, but it also offers protection to those who are working at lower levels. This is particularly important when the area beneath is a thoroughfare.