Ausnet Industries

Marine & Aquaculture
  • Fishing Nets & More for Perth

    Since 1981 Ausnet has been providing the marine and aquaculture industries with a range of custom made products to suit a wide range of fisheries and other marine activities - both professional and commercial.

    In the harsh marine environment it's important to have good quality equipment that you can rely on to get the job done. Ausnet sources materials from around the globe that are specially chosen to suit each specific application to ensure effective results.

    All materials are professionally cut, joined and assembled into completed products that conform to industry standards and exceed expectations.

    Various market sectors include;

    Commercial fishing - trawling, set netting, seining, trapping, pots, etc

    Aquaculture - systems for a variety of species including finfish, crustaceans, shellfish, gastropods, etc.

  • Commercial Fishing

    Ausnet can ensure that you are using the right equipment built for the right conditions, maximising your 'net' profits. We specialise in:

    • Gill nets complete with floats and leads
    • Trawl nets for fish, prawns, scallops
    • Seine and purse seine nets
    • Traps for fish, crabs, lobster and other species

    Accessories and components for the above items.

    Commercial Marine

    We can provide a range of standard and custom made items to suit your commercial vessel and shipping operations including:

    • Safety nets for helicopter decks
    • Climbing and scramble nets
    • Ship and pilot ladders
    • Stainless steel rigging for safety or design
    • Mooring and general rope and cordage
    • PVC covers, tarps and cargo control

    We've made and supplied equipment for clients such as Austal Ships, Tenix and Hanseatic Marine.


    Ausnet has been involved in many aquaculture projects since our inception in 1981. In these applications it's important to have the right equipment on time and on budget.

    We can choose the right raw materials, assemble them in-house and deploy on site locally, nationally or internationally In conjunction with industry partners we can provide a turnkey package from hatchery to grow out and all steps in between.

    Following is an example of some of the work we have completed:

    • Fish cage nets for a variety of species
    • Anti-predator nets for sea based cage systems
    • Anti-bird nets for kingfish cages in South Australia
    • Lantern, pyramid and other nets for bivalve culture
    • Long lines and components for mussel culture
    • Dolphin Cages-Design and consult on cages which featured swim through chutes, zip entries and multiple internal chambers for quarantine
    • Manufacture and supply of filter belts and quarantine pens
    • Floating grow out cages and harvest nets for inland based hatcheries and
grow out programs

    Some of our clients include Fisheries WA, Murdoch University, Aqwa, Petroteam, Aquabusiness, Dolphin World (Thaliand), Southern Sea Farms, Cell Aquaculture Ltd, Marine Industries, Tassal, Stehr Group (Clean Seas) and more.