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Pet Enclosures
  • Bird Nets and Cat Nets in Perth


    Pet enclosures are the perfect way to allow your pet the freedom it needs while they remain in a secure and friendly environment. Enclosures can be custom made to suit your residence or particular location and we can incorporate various designs to give your special friend more than just a simple play space.

    Ausnet has developed a range of solutions to protect, contain and to provide your pet with an area that they can feel safe and secure within. Designed to suit your particular location, or purchase a pre-fab unit and have your pet playing around in no time!

    We can provide you with posts, netting, ropes, twines and all other fittings to allow you to create your own enclosure. Or we can manufacture, supply and install.

    All materials are UV treated and built to withstand the effects of the environment. We can incorporate them into your building structure or have them as a stand-alone unit; large areas or small.

    Bird Nets and Cat Nets in Perth
  • Pet Padz

    Pet Padz - a new, freestanding, portable enclosure - DIY or supply and install.

    If you prefer a smaller, more contained solution for your pet, then a Pet Padz is ideally suited to you and your furry friend. They are available in pre-fab sized specially suited to today's style of living.

    • High quality black UV treated polyethylene netting
    • Lightweight aluminium modular frame
    • Reinforced connectors for quick and easy assembly
    • Net features a Self-Adhesive base avoiding need for cable ties
    • Heavy Duty Zip entry machined into the net

    Reasons to buy:

    • WA company established in 1981
    • Pet Padz gives your pets the security of their own enclosure to roam and play in
    • Helps keep your pets safe from neighbourhood strays
    • Height allows for easy replacing of your pets food, water and litter trays and enough room for you to be inside the enclosure with your pet.
    • Cheaper option than customised backyard enclosures
    • Portable which allows you to moveit with you when moving house, or even when your pets stay over at friends places
    • Keeps your pets in a safe yet roomy environment.
    • Protects your pets from neighbouring strays.
    • Quick and easy to assemble with step by step instructions.
    • Easy portability from one location, or home, to another.
    • Manufactured from tough, weather-proof materials.
    • Delivery available - subject to location and additional cost.
    • Available in 3 standard sizes - customised sizes on request.

    Vist our Pet Padz web site by clicking here.

    Freeform Pet Enclosures

    What better to way to provide your furry friend with a safe environment than to enclose your own outdoor area. Our free form pet enclosures gives your pet the safety and security of being at home with the advantage or being about to run free.

    Freeform enclosures are custom designed and installed to suit the area you want. Either part or all of your yard can be enclosed or you can divide areas to suit individual pets.

    The enclosures are constructed using uv treated polyethylene netting that is designed specifically for pet enclosures and for Australian conditions. All fixtures and fitting used in the installation are either galvanised, stainless steel, nylon or polyethylene.

    We can manufacture, supply and install posts, zips or other items you may require for your enclosure.