Safety Nets

Ausnet can supply and manufacture the most comprehensive range of safety nets, under the EN standard 1263. These types of nets include:

  • System V (gantry style nets)
  • System S (horizontal nets)
  • System U (edge protection nets)
  • System T (edge protrusion nets)
These safety nets are made from high tenacity polypropylene and can be certified where applicable.

In addition to providing the best certified safety nets, we can also supply the best ropes for binding and to effect proper installation. It’s the best way to protect people falling from height and thus preventing accidents at work.

Apart from the safety net of EN standard 1263, we can also manufacture safety nets for other applications including:

  • Underfoot Nets (to place within the struts of the formwork)
  • Vertical closing nets (used for encasing exposed decks or work areas)
  • Nets for stairs (to place in stairwells)
  • Nets for elevator shafts
  • Facade Nets (to encapsulate buildings under construction)
  • Suspension Nets (for personnel to walk on them)
  • Knotless nets are easy to install, have high grid stability and are available in a wide variety of colours.

There is always a solution for every need of protection or security.