Pet Padz

Pet Padz – a new, freestanding, portable enclosure – DIY or supply and install.

If you prefer a smaller, more contained solution for your pet, then a Pet Padz is ideally suited to you and your furry friend. They are available in pre-fab sized specially suited to today’s style of living.

  • High quality black UV treated polyethylene netting
  • Lightweight aluminium modular frame
  • Reinforced connectors for quick and easy assembly
  • Net features a Self-Adhesive base avoiding need for cable ties
  • Heavy Duty Zip entry machined into the net

Why buy a pet padz?

  • WA company established in 1981
  • Pet Padz gives your pets the security of their own enclosure to roam and play in
  • Helps keep your pets safe from neighbourhood strays
  • Height allows for easy replacing of your pets food, water and litter trays and enough room for you to be inside the enclosure with your pet.
  • Cheaper option than customised backyard enclosures
  • Portable which allows you to move it with you when moving house, or even when your pets stay over at friends places
  • Keeps your pets in a safe yet roomy environment.
  • Protects your pets from neighbouring strays.
  • Quick and easy to assemble with step by step instructions.
  • Easy portability from one location, or home, to another.
  • Manufactured from tough, weather-proof materials.
  • Delivery available – subject to location and additional cost.
  • Available in 3 standard sizes – customised sizes on request.